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  • Chaos Theory
    Chaos Theory
    Categoria: Politica
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    Hosts "Fishie" Felicia Cravens & "Brass" Peter Ream bring humor, positivity, and a little Texas flair to Politics- and sneak in some culture too! See more...
  • Edge of Anarchy
    Edge of Anarchy
    Categoria: News
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    Edge of Anarchy stars Amanda, who describes the show as what happens when VLR ties itself to an anvil and jumps into a cavern of chaos Looney Toons style. She’s a libertarian, part-time Anarcho-Christian, writer, and a teacher. She’s also a former city planner who will provide us all with an anarchist paradise when everything fall See more...
  • Foreign Matters
    Foreign Matters
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  • GulchCast
    Categoria: Tecnologia
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    Each week, hosts Michelle Ray & Kenny Hitt explore the latest news from the world of technology, media, computing, security and economic innovation. From big hacks to 3D printers to cord-cutting, new inventions, retro tech and much, much more. Broadcasting live on Monday nights at 11 Eastern, 8 Pacific at http://www.vigilantli See more...
  • Kinksanity
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    We're all adults here, and we can be sane when it comes to how we play. Listen to Kinksanity to get your dose of sane sex advice and news. See more...
  • Modern Comments
    Modern Comments
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    Amy Curtis doesn't have answers, but she does have opinions and Internet access. Modern Comments started as a blog many years ago, evolved into a pretty active Twitter account, and now a radio show! It's a blend of politics and pop culture, which is what VLR is all about! See more...
  • Odds & Ends with Heather and Eric
  • Our United Strength
    "Our United Strength" is the unification of Amy Curtis' "Modern Comments Radio" and Allan Bourdius' "Their Finest Hour". Our focus is the things that make us stronger together across the news and culture. See more...
  • Politinerds Radio
    Politinerds Radio
    Categoria: Politica
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    From the mouth of Jazz Shaw: Our goal is to do something different than the same old parade of people answering the same questions about whatever happened that week. We’ve been working on some deep dive material to learn a bit more about the people behind the stories. We’ll have some interesting figures from the Hill and from the See more...
  • Sounds Right with Jen and Scott
    Sounds Right with Jen and Scott
    Categoria: News
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    Politics and pop culture from behind the liberal Hollywood curtain. Fridays 10am Pacific on Vigilant Liberty Radio. Jennifer Van Laar, contributing writer at IJ Review, is a California native who survived 20 years on the East Coast before making it back to paradise. She’s a mother of 3 boys who, luckily, have all inherited her lo See more...
  • Subculture with Liz Harrison
    There is life beyond politics. You can find it here, where it's called Subculture with Liz Harrison. Because life needs beauty, laughter, music, and entertainment. See more...
  • The Flyby
    The Flyby
    Categoria: Tempo libero
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    Hosts Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex discuss your favorite TV shows, movies, and all the other fun stuff our entertainment culture has to offer. See more...
  • The Late Shift
    The Late Shift
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    Less government and politics - more fun! It's after dark, so it's time to talk about nothing serious. Whether it's weird news, or entertainment, it's time for The Late Shift! See more...
  • The Liz Harrison Radio Show
    The Liz Harrison Radio Show
    Categoria: News
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    From the beginning, Liz has had a tendency to bend or break rules. She piled up little firsts – being the first Girl Scout to appear in a local parade, and being the first active woman firefighter in her hometown. Basically, if someone says “it hasn’t been done before” or worse “you can’t do that,” it’s a fair bet that Liz will ma See more...
  • The Right War
    The Right War
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    An FTR Radio original - Vigilant Liberty Radio is the alternative home of "The Right War." The revolving hosts of this show discuss news, politics, sports, entertainment, or whatever else comes up each Wednesday and Thursday night at 11pm Eastern. See more...
  • The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty
    Join Allan Bourdius and Krystle Schoonveld each Tuesdays as they host an entertaining roundtable with a variety of guests and the occasional round of Cards Against Humanity. See more...
  • Titan the Screws
    Titan the Screws
    Categoria: Politica
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    Welcome to Titan the Screws, where you don't need the right or the left side of your brain - you just need the smart side. Join your host, Titan, for straight talk on news, politics, culture, sports, or whatever else happens to be of interest for the day. Stick around, and you too can be considered one of the #SCREWballs! See more...
  • VLR - America Our Way
  • VLR - Saturday Night Cigar Lounge
    Saturday nights were meant for cigars and politics. Taylor Millard holds a variety of interests including politics, music, games, comic books, and a deep love for Texas. SNCL features a variety of interviews, debates and commentary all in the hopes of presenting solutions which encourage people to embrace freedom and liberty. See more...
  • VLR Special Events
    Live or pre-recorded VLR programming from events such as CPAC, rallies, etc. that aren't categorized into other shows! See more...
  • VLR - The Conservative Feminist Show
    Conservative (noun) – a person who is conservative in principles, actions, habits, etc. Feminist (noun) – a person who advocates equal rights for women. Conservative Feminist (noun) – a person who believes in the radical notion that it is not necessary to be a liberal in order to believe in equal rights for ALL women. Contrary to See more...
  • VLR - Their Finest Hour
    Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it – or to not repeat the parts that should be. We’re in a solemn hour in the cause of freedom, and yes, we’re only ever one generation away from losing it. Allan Bourdius of the Their Finest Hour blog ( brings his conservative/libertarian fusion (“conservataria See more...